2022 price increase updated as of January 20.


Custom Number Plates for Teams and Tracks: Minimum order of ten (10) number plates on initial order.


All Custom Number Plate orders are considered Co-Sponsorship, thus the reduced price up front.


Standard features of HRPdesigns Custom Number Plates consist of a common shape and design for all plate in the series.  As an option to the client, sponsors logos, names and numbers can be printed on the plates directly for no additional charge. It is the responsibility of the client for the accuracy of the information supplied.  Pricing includes art charges, taxes, and shipping (within the continental 48 states and more than 10 plates as stated above).


Standard HRP Plate Option: $7.00 each

HRPdesigns will supply four (4) - #18 (1/8" width) black zip ties per plate.


Upgrade Option 1: Additional $2.50 per plate, making the Total $9.50 per plate

Substitute the zip ties with HRP Fastwraps (velcro fasteners).



ANSWER, BOX, MAC and TANGENT Insert Sticker: $7.50 each

The insert is custom fit to work with ANSWER 3D, BOX Phase Series, MAC ONE, or Tangent Ventril numberplates.  These inserts are based on the common team design.



HRP Side Plates: $8.50 each

HRPdesigns will supply velcro fasteners to secure plate to frame.  See installation procedure on the Side Plate page in this website.



FREE SHIPPING* ON CUSTOM PLATE ORDERS OF TEN PLATES OR MORE, A flat $4.00 postage charge is applied to orders of less than ten plates on subsequent order.

You can contact me about special event and awards plates (of less than ten quantities) and I will be able to let you know if I can do them at that time, depending on backlog.


Thank you for the support… Stuart Harrison