***New for 2019, wider and full length Velcro under the center of the side plates replacing the dots from last year.

1" wide hook adheres to frame and 1.5" loop sticks to underside of plate, better grip and Frame protection from rubbing.


How to Install HRP Side Plates:

- First, I need to explain what is in the hardware package:

4 screws, 4 nuts, 4 washers, 2 adhesive velcro dots, and two velcro strips.


- Installing the Screws Nuts Washer and velcro, at the outer edges of the plate you will find two holes on each side. These are set up to hold the velcro in place.

- Take each velcro strip and pull them apart, making 2 hook sides and two loop side.

- The veclcro will sit flush to the underside of the plate, make sure you put hook on one side and loop on the other and make sure you put them on so that when the plate is wrapped around the top tube the hook and loop will connect to each other face to face.

- Typically I have put the velcro on backside of plate and pushed the screw through the velcro and back of plate so that the threads face away from the frame when wrapped around the bike.

- Then put on the washer and nut and tighten until good and secure

- Now set that to the side


- The adhesive velcro (see above note in red) is to be stuck on the back side of the plate down the center-line, widest strip attached to plate, narrower to frame, pull the backing off so the adhesive makes contact with plate and then with frame when put down, basically this is keeps the plate raised off the frame to prevent scratches on the frame.

- The curved notch at the top of the plate should rest right up against the head tube

- Then lay the center-line of the plate down and let the adhesive hold the plate in place

- Once that is in place, push both sides of the plate down the side of the frame and attach the velcro. (because of brake cables being in various locations, wrap the plate wings down as best as you can, not to interfere with brake operation).


- IMPORTANT, Fasten the velcro as snug as you can, there will be excess velcro especially up at the headset, use a pair of scissors to trim off any excess that does not connect to the other veclro. This may take several tries to get the right amount cut.